40 Days – Green Bay Photo Goes VIRAL!

January 29, 2024

By Jim Ball – Executive Director, Verum Vitae 365, Inc.

(GREEN BAY, WI – 01/29/2024) – I relieve my buddy Joe Rose at 11am on Oneida Street every Friday during our 40 Days/365 vigil. Two weeks ago, just before the blizzard hit, I took a picture of Joe.  It was such a good shot that I decided to send it to Heather Gardner, National Director of 365.

She in turn decided to bump it out on 40FDFL social media, where — as you can see from the numbers — it  garnered lots of attention!

Their post included: “Liked by Students for Life and 566 others 40daysforlife.official
Come rain, snow or blizzards, the dedicated 40 Days for life vigil participants stand strong for mothers and the unborn. A commitment to life that Planned Parenthood can’t match.”

The last point “that Planned Parenthood can’t match” nailed it…because when Joe and I were “out there”, Planned Parenthood had closed for the day!

We KNOW that people see us on the sidewalk, and we KNOW that babies are saved because of it. Minds are changed…and our lives are better for the sacrifice.

Make your presence known. Show our community that no matter what the politicians or the judges say, we will not stop fighting for moms and babies. Join us “out there.” Your life will never be the same once you do.

And Planned Parenthood can’t put our candle under a bushel basket, either.

Unum est necessarium!