Secular Pro-Lifers…Welcome!

January 29, 2024

By Jim Ball – Executive Director, Verum Vitae 365, Inc.

More and more folks have been sending us video clips of Monica Snyder, an atheist who is as strong of  a pro-life voice as any you’ll hear.

Check out her short Instagram video HERE.

Monica is the Executive Director of Secular Pro-LIfe, who’s 3-fold mission is:

Advance secular arguments against abortion

Create space for atheists, agnostics, and other secularists interested in anti-abortion work

Build interfaith coalitions of people interested in advancing secular arguments. (SPL’s mission does not include advancing arguments for an atheistic worldview.)

We’re sharing this information to get that fire of HOPE burning. God’s Natural Law — our human nature — cannot be twisted into whatever shape humans may want to take it. And the TRUTH of such foolishness is apparent to everyone.

God wants all to be saved, and He gives us the grace we need to achieve that salvation. Let’s keep this group in our prayer, and give thanks for another unassailable beam of light, piercing through the darkness!