Notre Dame Academy Life Guards Diaper Drive Scores BIG!

April 22, 2024

By Jim Ball, Executive Director – Verum Vitae 365, inc.

The Notre Dame Academy Life Guards group (led by Fathers Jordon and Patrick) collected, and turned over 10,006 diapers to the Alexandrina Pregnancy Resource Center in Green Bay after their 2nd Annual Diaper Drive last month.

But…according to the pro-abortion crowd, we pro-lifers don’t give a hoot about babies once they’re born….right?

We all know that’s wrong. And if you don’t know the following fact, please write it down; there are 5 pregnancy resource centers for every abortion mill in America. And many of those centers are run by volunteers who don’t have access to half a billion dollars in federal funding.

The TRUTH is on our side, folks, and people on our side of this fight continue to show up and spread the love of Christ to desperate moms, and to an even more desperate culture.